A Picscoin is Worth a Million Hashes





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Block Chain (PixChain™)

PixChain™ is a forked Iquidus block explorer for Picscoin. Pixchain™ will shard your image on the Picscoin network and then once the queue is empty, indexed for display on the PixChain™ Block Explorer. Nobody will know you uploaded the picture, only a unique wallet address that is based off your private wallet seed is displayed watermarked onto your awesome picture! the unique hash of a transaction can be yours or someone elses! The code is open source, and you can use it for any purpose, personal or commercial.

Picscoin Launch

An example of an image you can upload along with an name of a project, or anything else, along with any value. All these custom fields can be searched upon by graphics artists and art lovers everywhere!

The Pic Explorer

A C++ project with its intentions on launching on all platforms to link into the picscoin pixchain so you can view stunning images on all devices!

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